The NLK Brand

Brand & Vision

NLK is a Ghanaian based fashion house with the potential to spread across the world. The brand is devoted to making distinctive elegant garments taking into consideration the silhouette of their clients. As a social enterprise, we pride ourself in empowering women economically through our internship and apprenticeship programs. We are versatile in our creativity and connecting with our clients is our hallmark. Fusing African Wax Print and other non – traditional fabrics to create unique beautiful designs is at the center of what we do.

OUR VISION is to provide well-fitted luxurious clothes that connects emotionally with the individual wearer. To provide excellent service. To create distinctive garments, tailored specifically to each clients needs and To create garments that are comfortable and practical.

Our Collections

Each collection has been carefully thought of and is usually inspired by a variety of things and people. The NLK style is minimal and elegant, but finds a balance by producing tailored garments that projects the individual personality of the client.

The GLAM Collection

Couture is the hallmark of the Naa Lamley Kouture brand. The NLK brand started with making custom made high fashion gowns.Gowns that bring out the silhouette of our clients. The goal of the Glam collection is to provide her clients with well fitted gowns using luxurious fabric.

The GO Collection

With time, our clients wanted more from the brand. They wanted garments they could wear on a daily base to work, parties, causal social engagements. The NLK Go collection was born. Our “Ready to Wear” collection caters to the everyday person on the go.

The GLOW Collection

The Glow collection is the light that connects the Glam and Go to create outfits that our clients can wear and feel very moderate but at the same time be the center of attention. Glow is a Fusion of Glam and Go collection, where luxury meets style.

Other Collections

The SWIM Collection

Creatives loves to explore. NLK’s quest to explore led to designing our first set of swimwear for the African Bikini Fashion show. The show was a success and clients started asking for swimwear, so she decided to start a luxurious swimwear brand to meet the needs of her clients.


The BOLD Collection

The NLK Glamorous woman needed a pillar of strength. What better way than to have a BOLD MAN by her side. The NLK Bold collection is devoted to making men look dapper and have a clean flawless look.

The VINTAGE Collection

Naa Lamley

At an early age of 8, Naa Lamley started making miniature dresses for her dolls.It was no surprise when she started making outfits for herself in her teen years. She would sketch designs for her seamstress to makeoutfits for her.

The Naa Lamley Kouture brand took off officially after she graduated from Accra Technical University with a Diploma in fashion design and textiles. After graduating from fashion school and immediately landing her firstreal job to design and produce a wedding gown.

She later acquired a bachelor of technology in fashion design and textiles. She is committed to breaking barriers and making an impact in the fashion world. She wants fashion to be a healing process for every client, a prescription that heals the individual wearer of her clothes.